Facts, research and articles on communist ideology and regimes

We preserve the memory of the victims of communism. Historians, public figures and victims talk frankly about the crimes and anatomy of communist regimes around the world.

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What is communism?

Communism is a political ideology born in the 19th century that set as its objective the building of a classless society in which all means of production and all that is produced is owned in common by all members of society. Private property is replaced by public property. Communism is totalitarian by its nature. Its objective was the subjugation of the whole of society to ideology and the exclusive leadership of the Communist Party.

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Why commemorate the victims of communism?

Communist regimes of terror are part of the historical identity of the peoples who endured them, and of the whole world. The tens of millions of victims of communist terror and genocide, are a warning from the past of the consequences of lust for power and politics guided by inhuman ideologies.

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Justice and condemnation

Since the 1990s, persons guilty of crimes of communist regimes have been taken to court in many former Eastern Bloc countries. For many years, appeals have been issued for the formation of an international tribunal to try the crimes of communism.

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Events and Special Occasions

The International Museum for The Victims of Communism 

The first global institution to be developed and built with a focus on examining the international crimes of communism through objective, fact-based research.

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