We are inviting you to support the development of the present educational portal and/or the creation of the International Museum for the Victims of Communism in Patarei Prison in Tallinn, Estonia. Patarei

Your help allows us to convey valuable knowledge on the nature of communist regimes and their ideologically motivated crimes to thousands of people all over the world, contributing thus to the increase of historical awareness of communist crimes. This serves the purpose of preserving freedom and repelling dangerous totalitarian ideas. Thus we also commemorate the tens of millions of victims of communism, whose only fault was that the violent rulers did not think they belonged to the utopian communist future.

Donations made to the portal will be used to create new thorough materials, collaborate with experts of the field and bring the content of the portal to thousands of people in different countries.

Donations made to the museum will be used to create the exhibition and maintain the good standard of research and communication.

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