Resistance Fighting Day commemoration event and a talk with a witness of the struggle

Kalaranna 28

14:30 - 16:15

The Estonian Institute of Historical Memory organises a commemoration event on the occasion of the Resistance Fighting Day, and a meeting with a witness of the resistance, Ms. Ilme Kurig, in Patarei Prison on 22 September at 14.30.

The Resistance Fighting Day is a public holiday to thank and commemorate all Estonians that have resisted against occupying regimes either in words or in actions, and by doing that protected the independence and liberty of Estonia. Many of them lost their lives, freedom or health in mass repressions. The Resistance Fighting Day is also known as Otto Tief Government Day, as it honours the attempt by Otto Tief, the Acting Prime Minister of the last Estonian government, to restore Estonian independence in September 1944, when German troops were leaving and Soviet troops yet to arrive. The occupying Red Army took Tallinn on 22 September 1944, marking the beginning of a new active phase of the resistance. The forming of Otto Tief’s government emphasised the fact that Estonia is an independent country that has been illegally reoccupied by the communist Soviet Union. The resistance continued in various forms until the restoration of Estonia’s independence in 1991.

The Minister of Justice, Mr. Raivo Aeg, and Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces, Major general Martin Herem, will hold speeches at 14.30 in Patarei’s courtyard. Forest Brothers’ songs will be performed by Põldsepp ja Pojad.

At 15.00, historian Martin Andreller, and supporter of the Forest Brothers, Ms. Ilme Kurig, will discuss the topic in the hall of Patarei exhibition area. Kurig was closely involved with Põrgupõhja Forest Brothers, among the members of which were her good friends as well as relatives.

The approximate end time of the event is 16.15.

Please meet us in Patarei’s courtyard (directions here).

Please RSVP by 18 September at the latest HERE (limited spots available).

All participants have an opportunity to visit Patarei Prison exhibition area Communism is Prison free of charge.


Estonian Institute of Historical Memory


Further infomation: info@mnemosyne.ee


Metsavend Olev Turu Ülo Aeltermanni salgast
Forest Brother Olev Turu of Ülo Aeltermann's squad