Remembrance Day

The 1956 Hungarian Revolution

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The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was a spontaneous national revolt against the government of the Hungarian People’s Republic and its Soviet-imposed policies, lasting from October 23 – November 10, 1956.

In October 1956, the revolution began as a student protest, which demanded reforms and democratization. Soviet tanks invaded Hungary at the beginning of November to crush the uprising and put a violent end to the revolution. The Moscow-backed government was reinstated.

Altogether, 2,700 Hungarians were killed during the conflict and 200,000 fled as refugees.  Mass repressions lasted until 1961 and consisted of 228 death sentences, 26,000 imprisonments, and 13,000 internments.

October 23rd has been a national holiday in Hungary since 1989 and ceremonies are held throughout the country on this date to commemorate those who lost live their lives in the fight against communism.